About Us


At ProCarCoatings.com we are car enthusiasts who love our cars and believe that with the right care, we can keep our cars looking as good as the day we took them home.

However, we have been discouraged by many poor quality consumer grade car care products which over promise and don’t deliver results, making car care an unsatisfactory chore. On the other hand, premium and professional car care products deliver improved results but can be expensive, difficult to use and not easily accessible.

This was when we stumbled upon a range of products that really got us really excited: Sensha Japan's state-of-the-art professional products that deliver amazing results - yet remains affordable, safe and easy to use - without flashy packaging, huge advertising campaigns or additional contents such as fragrances.

ProCarCoatings.com strives to bring you these amazing products, together with clear instructions, tips and guides, to bring the fun back to car care. Whether you are a busy car owner who wants a quick and cost effective solution or an enthusiast who wants the best looking car in town or even a pro-detailer wondering which product would bring the most satisfaction to your customer, chances are we have the right products for you as we grow and expand our range of solutions.


Sensha no Oukoku began in 1997 in Kanagawa, Japan with its first pro-detailing shop specializing in car wash, car film, and car coating. In 1999, the car coating technological development was placed as their main focus, giving them an edge on this future technology of protection for cars and forming the foundation of their professional Sensha branded line.

After this development was carried out, alongside their professional line, Sensha branched into car wash products and kits targeted towards the average household. These products were distributed to the Japanese market with great success as these products proved to be of the finest quality.

Today, Sensha's presence can be seen in many countries via partnered detailing centers in China, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, Brunei and Malaysia. In China alone there are over 100 Sensha detailing centers countrywide.


Tonyin group is a collection of companies involved in scientific research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, located in Qingdao city and Shenzhen city. These companies are certified under “ISO9001:2008 quality system”, “ISO14001 environment system certificate”, “safe production license of the dangerous chemicals” and “OHSAS18001 occupational, health and safety management system certificate”. Tonyin products have obtained CCC, DOT, ECE and GCC certifications and have passed SGS laboratory tests to achieve international quality standards.

The Tonyin brand for Car Care & Maintenance products cover a wide range - including futuristic coatings, various cleaners for paintwork, tires, wheels, glass and interiors, and also emergency and repair products. Tonyin is also the OEM for many worldwide car care brands.

ProCarCoatings.com is the exclusive e-reseller of Sensha products in Malaysia through its sole distributor MyRide Holdings.