An Improved Alternative to Waxing with Sensha Fine Crystal

Welcome to our second guide on This time we will look at easy paintwork protection that you can easily and regularly do for your vehicle. Previously, I would have called this waxing - now we introduce you to an improved alternative to waxing, with a revolutionary coating called Sensha Fine Crystal. 

If you actually took the trouble to read your car's manual, you'll probably know that your vehicle's paintwork is made to last the lifetime of the car, provided it is not neglected. Most modern cars are painted with a protective clear coat or lacquer, but over time it can deteriorate and be contaminated (Figure 1). Polishing (we will touch on this subject separately) and paintwork protection are essential steps in caring for a vehicle, and if done properly will keep your car shiny and looking brand new. Remember, it is polishing that makes the car look good, while paintwork protection keeps it that way. 

Essentially, paintwork protection involves surrounding your car with a sacrificial, hydrophobic (i.e. water repellent - please see our Window Crystal guide for more on hydrophobicity) layer to stand between your paintwork and whatever the environment throws at it, including contaminants, UV rays, acid rain and even physical touch, to a limited extent (Figure 2). Furthermore a hydrophobic layer keeps itself cleaner, is easier to wash and also to dry - a major difference you'll notice whenever you clean your car.

Figure 1: Clear Coat Contamination and Deterioration

Figure 2: Paintwork Protection

Carnauba wax is a traditional material that has been used for paintwork protection for many years, hence the term "waxing" is commonly used. Harvested from the leaves of Brazilian palm trees, the naturally hard wax is blended with other oils and chemicals (including petroleum distillates) to make it workable for paintwork protection. However, many of you may have tried waxing and I don't blame you if you don't have any fond memories of that exercise. And while you may have once been happy with a good wax job, you may also have been disappointed to learn that carnauba doesn't last long and requires frequent reapplication. 

​Our solution for easy to use and cost effective paintwork protection is Sensha Fine Crystal, a revolutionary coating that's like no other - it applies quickly, protects without fuss and outlasts traditional waxes or sealants (ie synthetic waxes). Unlike waxes or sealants, Sensha Fine Crystal contains no oils or petroleum distillates and will not be a pain to buff off or oxidize/degrade into a messy, oily film around your car over time. This also means you can apply it on glass, plastics or rubber, it wouldn't leave any stains. On top of that, it is also designed to maintain and top-up hard glass/nano/ceramic coatings like Sensha Crystal Glow, which saves you the hassle of paying and sending you car in for coating maintenance. 

Now let's walk you through how easy it is to use Sensha Fine Crystal. First wash your vehicle with a high quality neutral cleaner - Sensha Body Clean is strongly recommended in this case as its composition is neutral and perfectly compatible with Sensha Fine Crystal (Figure 3). Remember to always wash your car only if it is cool to touch and in the shade. Next give it a rinse - if your car has no wax or coating on the paintwork, it is hydrophilic and you should end up with a thin sheet of water on your car (Figure 4).

Figure 3: Washing the Vehicle

Figure 4: After Rinsing - Hydrophilic

In this hydrophilic state, you'll find it quite challenging to thoroughly dry your vehicle with a towel as we demonstrate here (Figure 5). But wait, you don't need to dry your car because Sensha Fine Crystal works with this water on your car. In this demonstration we attempted to dry the car, so we have to wet it again (Figure 6). Now we are ready for some magic.

Figure 5: Without Coating, Surface is Hydrophilic and Impossible to Wipe Dry

Figure 6: Clean and Wet Car Body, ready for Sensha Fine Crystal

Using Sensha Fine Crystal is super easy, just spray on to a section of the wet vehicle body and spread it gently and evenly with a soft sponge (Figure 7). For a large bonnet as shown here you probably need about 6 sprays. Now rinse it off with a gentle shower of water (don't use high pressure water) and see the hydrophobic protective layer instantly form right before your eyes (Figure 8)! Coat and rinse a section at a time to prevent the coating from drying.

Figure 7: After Sensha Fine Crystal Application + close up

Figure 8: Rinse and Instant Hydrophobic Protection + close up

That's it, you're done. No buffing required. Now dry your car with a microfiber cloth (Figure 9), you'll find that it is much easier now and saves time, and you're good to go (Figure 10). I wish there's more to say in terms of instructions, but there really isn't any more since it is so easy. Sensha Fine Crystal's protection is durable and lasts for many weeks, longer than traditional waxes and sealants. However, if you'd like to keep your ride hydrophobic at all times, we recommend you apply it once a fortnight after washing.

Figure 9: Easy to Wipe Dry - Hydrophobic Coating

Figure 10: Sensha Fine Crystal - Good to Go!

Note that you'd probably won't be able to find anything like Sensha Fine Crystal in the stores. Order now and let it revolutionize the way you care for your car -  whether you use it on its own or over your glass/nano/ceramic coatings. If our bestseller is out of stock, you may still backorder and we'll ensure that it gets to you as soon as possible. 

Why Sensha Fine Crystal?

​Now you might be wondering why should you buy Sensha Fine Crystal as paintwork protection? The answer: Performance (ease of use), value and support.

Performance: ​Sensha Fine Crystal is like no other paintwork protection that you've seen. Using it is a breeze and its protection is both instantaneous and durable. It offers you the benefits of glass coating that just about anyone can apply.

Value: ​Sealants and waxes are not cheap, and if you're demotivated from using them, what's their value to you? Sensha Fine Crystal easy-to-use formula makes paintwork protection quick and even fun, helping you to use it often to keep your ride constantly protected.

​Support: Finally, our product comes with the support of the manufacturer, auto detailers and car enthusiasts with hands-on experience and vast technical knowledge, to help you bring the best out of every product.

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Sensha Fine Crystal Application Video

Sensha Fine Crystal Performance

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