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Leather care step 1: Dedicated pH neutral water based cleaner specially formulated for leather upholsteries and trim.

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  • Neutral pH formula that won’t damage leather
  • Easy to apply and cleans without aggressive rubbing required
  • Does not discolour or leave behind residues
  • Dedicated cleaner that works into leather grain and folds to lift stains and grime

Beautiful, flexible, supple and durable, leather is an excellent material for classy looking vehicle upholsteries and interior trim. With the right care, leather can look and feel as good as new (or even better) as it ages. The key is with the right care.

The first step in leather care is regular, gentle cleaning – Sensha Leather Clean is a dedicated leather cleaner that does just that. With Sensha Leather Clean, you will experience effortless leather cleaning as its pH neutral formula works effectively into leather grain and folds to lift dirt and grime for easy wipe off. This professional water based product does not contain unnecessary fragrances or glossing agents, unlike inferior products.

After cleaning, the second step is treatment and coating, to keep your leather supple and conditioned. Use Sensha Leather Treatment to bring the best out of your leather surfaces.

Both Sensha Leather Clean and Leather Treatment can also be used on leather home furniture.


Leather surfaces can be easily damaged during cleaning from aggressive rubbing or incompatible chemicals. Unlike inferior one-step leather care products, which has questionable cleaning abilities, Sensha Leather Clean provides dedicated cleaning power in a pH neutral formulation so you can clean leather surfaces easily without any aggressive rubbing.

Follow up with Sensha Leather Treatment for best results!

Sensha Leather Clean is made in Japan and is used by professional car detailers around the world!


  1. Prepare the sponge by wetting it and squeezing out the water.
  2. Spray Sensha Leather Clean on the sponge or directly on leather surface.
  3. Lightly rub (do not rub aggressively) the sponge on the leather surface to lift dirt and grime.
  4. Wipe off with a dry microfiber cloth.

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LEATHER CLEAN 150ml x1 one bottle

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  1. munzwei (verified owner)

    Make sure to buy and use together with Step 2 – Leather Treatment/ Protect. This product is excellent because it does not have any lingering smell unlike other leather products. And the best part is, you can use it on other leathers besides just your car!

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