Bekko Ultimate Bead Ceramic Wax (prev name Myride Ceramic Crystal Coating Wax)

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Super hydrophobic, pure synthetic ceramic coating in the form of solid wax for paintwork protection, get ready to have your expectations blown…

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  • Pure synthetic ceramic coating, no cleaners!
  • Applies like regular wax, easy-on-easy-off
  • No curing required, 6 month durability
  • Slick, non-greasy and super hydrophobic protection
  • Enhances gloss of all clear coated paints
  • Formulated in Japan

At we believe in paintwork protection for your car. And we admit that the best protection can be costly, requires skillful application and time for curing, they may not suit everyone. Hence, some have stuck to regular tried and tested waxes and sealants instead of jumping on the coating bandwagon. Seems like there’s little choice, until now…

In their continual quest to find a coating that surpasses regular sealants and waxes, yet remain unbelievably economical, Myride has found a groundbreaking formula that provides the hydrophobicity and protection of ceramic coatings with the applicability and the price of a regular tub of wax. Meet Bekko Ultimate Bead Ceramic Wax – an unbelievable Japanese coating formula in its purest form, which means you’re not paying for cleaners, fillers, fragrances or anything like that. We’re talking about 180g of pure unadulterated ceramic coating. Easy to apply and remove, Bekko Ultimate Bead Ceramic Waxinstantly forms a slick, non-greasy and super hydrophobic layer of protection on your paint, enhancing gloss and outperforming regular waxes and sealants for up to 6 months.


Regular waxes and sealants often come with cleaners, fillers and other solvents, which may not be always necessary if your paint is in good shape. They also affect the performance of the wax/sealant and why pay for what you don't need?

Use Bekko Ultimate Bead Ceramic Wax on new or restored paintwork and you'll find this little tub will protect that gloss for many years to come!

Myride products are trusted and used by detailing centers nationwide!


  1. Wash the vehicle with a quality car shampoo like Sensha Body Clean. For best results and durability, clay and polish to ensure that paintwork surfaces are deeply cleaned. Use Sensha Wax Off to ensure that paintwork is free of any polish or previously applied waxes/sealants, this will ensure a good bond between the coating and the paint.
  2. Ensure that the car is in the shade and is cool to touch. Apply Bekko Ultimate Bead Ceramic Wax with a soft sponge using light circular motions. Proper lighting can be helpful in achieving an even application.
  3. Buff off with a soft microfiber cloth to a perfect shine. No curing time required.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm


4 reviews for Bekko Ultimate Bead Ceramic Wax (prev name Myride Ceramic Crystal Coating Wax)

  1. Teoh S.

    Very good product & easy to wax & wipe. After raining car still very clean. I will continue to support this product.

  2. KL

    Waxed my new car with this and blown away with the water repelling, just like my other car with expensive coating from the shop. Lasts well maybe because I use neutral shampoo. Good value because use a bit can cover the whole car.

  3. M Nizam

    Very easy to apply and remove

  4. alvinernest88 (verified owner)

    One of the best product. Will order again next time. Good Value, water repelling amazing, durability Good.
    used it on 5 cars already. Very satisfied.

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