Sensha Coating Starter Pack

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Instantly and comprehensively protect that new or freshly restored car of yours with our easy-to-use coatings. Perfect for first-timers or for those who want quick and fuss-free protection.

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Get started with our easy-to-use coating products to protect and enhance the look and function of your car instantly. Highly recommended for new cars and cars in good shape, to keep them looking brand new. Our coating starter pack includes our best selling coatings – Sensha Fine Crystal 400ml, Sensha Window Crystal 30ml, Sensha Aqueous Tire Wax 400ml and Sensha Room Wax 150ml.

Sensha Fine Crystal is a quick and easy spray coating that takes the work out of waxing to provide an instant hydrophobic coating that protects your ride from the elements. Sensha Fine Crystal performs best with prior wash with Sensha Body Clean.

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Sensha Window Crystal is a super hydrophobic coating for windscreen and windows, to keep them crystal clear even in storms and poor weather conditions. Unlike the competition, Sensha Window Crystal is super durable, cures in minutes, does not streak and is wiper friendly.

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Sensha Oleaginous Tire Wax is a specialized long lasting tire coating that brings the elegant satin finish back to your tires, without the mess that is usually associated with oil-based tire dressings. Sensha Oleaginous Tire Wax also protects your tires for up to 1 month!

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Sensha Room Wax is a water-based coating for all non-porous interior surfaces, including plastics, chrome and rubber, protecting them from harmful UV rays without being greasy or oily looking.

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All Sensha products are made in Japan.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 22 cm

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  1. munzwei (verified owner)

    I will review each item individually, but I must say that this is an extremely value-for-money “starter kit”. Make sure to buy it together with the “Regular Wash and Protect” bundle as well.

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