Sensha Clean Clay


Large 200g clay bar for effective removal of stubborn and embedded contaminants such as paint overspray, metallic particles and tree sap from paintwork, glass and wheels.

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  • Removes embedded and stubborn contaminants
  • 200g - large high quality clay bar, made in Japan
  • ​Suitable for paintwork, glass or wheels
  • Reusable and easy to store

When your car is on the road, it is exposed to contaminants that can get stubbornly attached or embedded into the paintwork, and cannot be removed with normal washing. These frustratingly difficult contaminants include brake or rail dust (metallic particles), tree sap, paint overspray and even industrial fallout.

Sensha Clean Clay is a professional clay bar that is specially designed to remove these stubborn contaminants easily. This high quality, made in Japan product stands out from conventional clay bars in the market, which may be brittle and ineffective. Sensha Clean Clay restores the state of your paintwork, making it as smooth as glass and significantly improving the applicability and durability of coatings, sealants and waxes. Also works great on glass and wheels.


Contaminants, especially brake and rail dust, inevitably embed themselves into your car’s paintwork as you drive. These particles can be difficult to see but can be easily felt when you lightly slide your fingers over the car.

Used directly on your wet vehicle body (Sensha Body Clean is recommended as a clay lubricant), Sensha Clean Clay grabs on and safely removes these contaminants, making your paintwork as smooth as glass.

Sensha Clean Clay is made in Japan and is used by professional car detailers around the world!


  1. Rinse off as much dirt and dust as possible with a strong stream of water. Wash vehicle with Sensha Body Clean, which also acts as a clay lubricant.
  2. Do not rinse the vehicle. Gently knead and flatten Sensha Clean Clay and hold it against the wet paintwork with a thoroughly wet microfiber cloth.
  3. Slide Sensha Clean Clay across the paintwork in overlapping horizontal and vertical movements.
  4. Wash the vehicle again with car shampoo and dry the car. Follow up with polishing and coating for best results.

Note: Sensha Clean Clay can be folded and be reused. Inspect the clay bar and ensure that a clean surface is used. Store the clay bar in a sealed container or zip-lock bag to prevent drying. To soften the clay bar, submerge it into warm water for several minutes. Do not drop the claybar as it can pickup large particles that may cause scratching.

Instruction Video:

CLEAN CLAY 200g x1 (split into half to be used)
(for use on up to 40 cars, depending on level of contamination)

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