Sensha Crystal Glow – 5-Year Coating (professional)


Permanent 9H Hardness 5-Year Glass Coating for Automotive Paintwork – Enhanced Performance and Super Durable Protection (for Professional use)




  • 9H hard coating provides unparalleled permanent protection for car paintwork 
  • Excellent water beading and durability that outlasts traditional waxes and sealants by years
  • Designed for all glossy clear coated paintwork
  • Protects against UV rays, acid rain, industrial fallout and even light scratches
  • Enhances and maintains the reflectiveness and glossiness of paintwork
  • FREE Sensha Wax Off 50ml

Automotive paint has come a long way since the past few decades but paintwork protection is still vital to keep your car clean and looking brand new. While traditional waxes and sealants do provide limited protection and gloss, you may have noticed that they don’t last very long and require regular reapplication.

Sensha has developed its range of Crystal Glow glass coatings in recent years to address these shortcomings – Sensha Crystal Glow coatings form a clear, glossy and 9H hard permanent layer around the vehicle, which provides superior gloss, protection, water beading and durability that’s measured in years – outlasting and outperforming all traditional waxes and sealants.

Once applied, Sensha Crystal Glow cures rapidly from liquid to form a protective glass layer around the vehicle. This hard glass layer has a beautiful glossy appearance and effectively keeps the vehicle protected against UV rays, acid rain, industrial fallout and even light scratches. Best of all, it is extremely durable and will perform for years, depending on the formula selected – ranging from the affordable 1-year coating to the ultimate 8-year coating.

The performance (hardness, adherence and water beading) of Sensha Crystal Glow has been independent verified by Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center!


Paintwork protection is essential to keep a vehicle looking its best, however maintaining a layer of wax or sealant on a car can be difficult especially for busy individuals. Sensha Crystal Glow overcomes this by providing a permanent protection that requires minimal maintenance.

Since Sensha Crystal Glow is a permanent coating, paintwork preparation is highly recommended so that defects are not sealed in behind the coating and a strong bond is formed between the coating and the paintwork. This includes correction (clay bar and/or polishing) - with high quality products like Sensha Clean Clay and Sensha Scratch Cut, followed by full removal of products using Sensha Wax Off.

Sensha Crystal Glow is made in Japan and used by professional detailers around the world!

Note: Sensha Crystal Glow is recommended for professional use. This product needs to be carefully and methodically applied and subsequently allowed to cure in a controlled environment away from dust and moisture. We are not accountable for poor results due to improper application or curing conditions. Do not open the bottle until you are ready to apply.

Instructions (more comprehensive than video):

  1. Wash and prepare the paintwork with claybar and polishing with high quality products like Sensha Body Clean, Sensha Clean Clay and Sensha Scratch Cut to remove defects and to restore the gloss of paintwork.
  2. Wash the car again very gently to remove polish. Follow up a wipe down thoroughly Sensha Wax Off (as supplied) to ensure a bare surface for Sensha Crystal Glow to bond with. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!
  3. Wrap the small yellow coating cloth around the blue coating sponge, and use it to apply Sensha Crystal Glow on a small portion of paintwork (one panel at a time) in even horizontal and vertical overlapping movements.
  4. Do not allow product to dry, wipe down with the special microfiber cloth (as supplied) immediately after applying Sensha Crystal Glow on each portion of the paintwork.
  5. Repeat steps 3 to 5 on other parts of the paintwork, inspecting closely as you go along to ensure that all liquid is completely wiped down after every step.
  6. After coating the entire vehicle, allow the product to cure for 48 hours in an indoor environment away from moisture and dust. Due to the hardening of Sensha Crystal Glow, leftovers in the bottle must be discarded after opening. For the same reason the application cloth, sponge and microfiber cloth that was used in the application of Sensha Crystal Glow cannot be reused and must also be disposed.

Instruction Video:

CRYSTAL GLOW 5-YEAR COATING x1 choose between 30ml or 50ml
(one standard car)

WAX OFF 50ml x1

Coating Sponge x1

Special Microfiber Cloth x1

Please read product precautions and warnings at

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