Sensha Fine Crystal 450ml

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Kiss waxing goodbye with this revolutionary mist-and-wipe coating for vehicle paintwork protection, perfect for maintaining and protecting that shine on your car.

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  • Durable and long-lasting paintwork protection
  • Quick and very easy to apply
  • Streak-free water based high-tech formula
  • Hydrophobic, water beading performance

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Automotive paint has come a long way since the past few decades but paintwork protection is still vital to keep your car clean and looking brand new. While traditional waxes and sealants do provide protection and gloss, you may have noticed that they don’t last very long and require regular reapplication. To address this, Sensha has developed its range of Crystal Glow glass coatings in recent years. These coatings form a clear, glossy and 9H hard semi-permanent shell around the vehicle, which provides superior protection, water beading and durability that’s measured in years – outlasting all traditional waxes and sealants. However the application of Crystal Glow coatings are only recommended for professional detailers.

Introducing Sensha Fine Crystal – a revolutionary coating that moves away from wax and oil based sealants to bring you the benefits of glass coating in a cost effective, easy-to-use mist and wipe formula that can be used even by beginners. Powered by the similar polymers used for glass coatings carried by professional detailers, Sensha Fine Crystal provides gloss and protects your car from UV rays, pollution, acid rain and bird droppings for weeks! It is also water based, which means application is not messy and there will be no streaking.


Paint protection is recommended by all vehicle manufacturers to ensure that your original factory paintwork lasts for the lifetime of your car. Well-protected paintwork resists oxidation and damage, and also makes a vehicle much easier to clean.

If you're tired of the hassle waxing your car, Sensha Fine Crystal is the perfect solution for quick and cost effective paintwork protection.

Sensha Fine Crystal is made in Japan and used by professional detailers around the world!


  1. Thoroughly rinse the vehicle with water to remove loose dust and dirt. Wash the vehicle with a neutral car shampoo to ensure a clean surface before applying Sensha Fine Crystal. For best results use Sensha Body Clean car shampoo as it is designed to work with Sensha Fine Crystal.
  2. After washing, rinse the vehicle with water but do not wipe dry. Spray Sensha Fine Crystal on the wet vehicle body and wipe down with a soft sponge using overlapping vertical and horizontal movements, working top to bottom, one panel at a time. Lightly rinse off excess product with a gentle stream of water before moving to the next panel. Do not allow surfaces to dry.
  3. Dry the vehicle gently with microfiber cloth.

Note: Paintwork in poor conditions may require correction (clay bar and/or polishing) for optimal Sensha Fine Crystal application and performance. Try Sensha Clean Clay and Sensha Scratch Cut (coming soon).

Instruction video:

FINE CRYSTAL x1 one bottle 450ml, for more than 20 car coatings

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7 reviews for Sensha Fine Crystal 450ml

  1. aqwa (verified owner)

    nice hydrophobic coating.. can definitely see the effect right away! a must for car cleaning enthusiast that wanted to do car detailing

  2. KHL

    I’m currently using this product and I find it very easy to use, no need to wax my car anymore. The effects are also great, instant water beading and it lasts for weeks.

    I’ve tried other similar products but they are usually too costly.

  3. Calvin L


  4. Grace


  5. Johnny

    Good and nice product

  6. munzwei

    If I had a choice, I would give this product 6 stars! I have used it on both my cars, and my friends thought I had glass/ ceramic coating… It’s so easy to use that I even did it for 2 of my friends cars! and I bought a SECOND BOTTLE! That’s how good it is. And this is truly their “crown jewel” product. Trust me, I have tried many brands, and read many reviews online. Did you know that Sensha Fine Crystal has over 10k positive reviews on their website in Japan and Aussie? Best product ever!

  7. Shaun

    Pretty good for the price.

    Holds up quite well.

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