Sensha Iron Cut

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Specialized pH neutral spray on and wash off rail and brake dust (iron particles) cleaner and remover.

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  • Targets and removes iron particles quickly
  • Easy to use - spray on and wash off
  • Safe pH-balanced, non-acid formula
  • Suitable for wheels and clear coated paintwork

Rail and brake dust are unavoidable iron particles that get embedded in your vehicle’s wheels and paintwork as you drive. These airborne particles are often released at high temperatures, especially during braking, and can continue to etch deep into your wheels and paintwork, making them very difficult to remove.

Whilst claying can remove rail and brake dust mechanically, it is less effective on its own and can inflict scratches on your car as it drags out these hard iron particles off your paintwork. Sensha Iron Cut brings you a safer, alternative method of attacking these iron particles by chemical reaction. Sensha Iron Cut sprays on clear, but as it contacts rail and brake dust it instantly reacts to the iron, producing a bright purple water soluble compound that can then be washed off easily. However, Sensha Iron Cut is pH neutral and does not react with painted/clear coated and alloys, making it safe to be used on practically any external surface of your car.


Claying alone may not be the most effective way of removing iron particles off your wheels and paintwork, and may even cause scratches. Sensha Iron Cut presents a safer and easier method of rail and brake dust removal.

Target rail and brake dust hotspots, e.g. wheels and areas of the car that are close to the road, and watch Sensha Iron Cut magically react to these particles. Follow up with a rinse and claying for the perfect decontamination of your external surfaces.

Sensha Iron Cut is made in Japan and used by professional detailers around the world!

  1. Thoroughly rinse the vehicle with water to remove loose dust and dirt. Ensure the vehicle cool and located in the shade.
  2. Leave the surfaces wet and spray Sensha Iron Cut directly on to the wheels or paintwork and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Sensha Iron Cut will react to the iron particles and turn purple.
  3. Rinse off with a strong stream of water, do not allow surfaces to dry.
  4. Wash the vehicle with a neutral cleaner like Sensha Body Clean, rinse and dry to complete the job.
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IRON CUT 150ml x1 one bottle

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