Sensha Oleaginous Tire Wax 450ml

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New upsized packing 450ml! Professional long-lasting coating that protects and restores the natural dark sheen and glow of tyres

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  • New 450ml packing!
  • Protects tyres from fading, drying and cracking
  • Restores tyres and their natural dark sheen
  • Long lasting oil-based formula
  • Lasting natural-looking satin finish

If you’ve ever had a set of new tyres on your car, you may have noticed that their deep dark glow and natural sheen can make a car look new and well cared for. Unfortunately, since tyres are most exposed to the elements, their dark sheen can be quickly lost as the rubbers fade, dry and even crack.

Sensha Oleaginous Tire Wax is an easy-to-use tyre coating that keeps your tyres looking brand new with their natural sheen but does not make them look excessively oily or glossy. This professional oil-based formula applies quickly and easily, yet is resistant to sling off and designed to last weeks. It is also designed to be water repellent so it keeps your tires cleaner for longer.


Remember to care for your tyres to keep them looking new and dark. After cleaning your tires with a specialized cleaner like Sensha Wheel & Tire Clean, apply Sensha Oleaginous Tire Wax to restore and protect your tyre's looks for up to 1-month. 

Sensha Oleaginous Tire Wax is specially formulated to last long, yet is resistant to slinging and attracting dirt and dust. Try it you'll love the effects!

Sensha Oleaginous Tire Wax is made in Japan and is used by professional car detailers around the world!


  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the tyres. For best results use Sensha Wheel & Tire Clean.
  2. Apply Sensha Oleaginous Tire Wax on tyre wall with a sponge applicator. Evenly spread the coating using the sponge applicator.
  3. Wipe off excess or overspray with a clean cloth.

Note: Only for use on tyre walls. Not to be used on narrow tyres like motorcycle or bicycle tyres.

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OLEAGINOUS TIRE WAX 400ml x1 one bottle
(for use on up to 40 tyres)

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