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Professional coating for restoring and protecting non-porous interior surfaces such as dashboards, door panels and plastic parts. Water based, non-greasy, lasting formula.

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  • Restores and protects interior surfaces from harmful UV rays
  • Non-greasy, water based professsional formula
  • Suitable for most non-porous interior surfaces including plastics, chrome and rubber
  • Long lasting and durable

Interior vehicle surfaces are often neglected and consequently lose their luster without protection. Sensha Room Wax is a professional treatment and coating product specially formulated to both restore and protect interior surfaces from harmful UV rays. This easy to apply coating can be used for most non-porous interior surfaces such as dashboards, door panels and other plastic surfaces. Unlike conventional products, Sensha Room Wax is water based and does not leave behind a greasy or oily finish but restores the natural sheen of your interior with a long lasting and smooth protective layer.


Off-the-shelf interior car care products are a common sight in the market but are seldom equal to Sensha Room Wax - a dedicated professional coating for interior surfaces.

Our product restores your car's interior and gives it lasting protection, without the greasy finish of common products that can attract dust or get on your hands or clothes. Try it and see the difference for yourself!

Sensha Aqueous Tire Wax is made in Japan and is used by professional car detailers around the world!


  1. Clean interior surfaces to remove dirt and dust. For best results use Sensha Room Clean.
  2. Spray Sensha Room Wax on to a soft sponge and apply the product evenly on non-porous interior surfaces.
  3. Wipe off excess production with a microfiber cloth. With this coating, dust and dirt can be easily wiped off using a dry cloth whenever necessary.

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ROOM WAX 150ml x1 one bottle

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  1. munzwei

    No weird chemical smell, and keeps the hard plastics looking clean and NEW. Good product.

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