Sensha Scale Clean

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A specialized professional cleaner that is tough on stubborn water spots and stains – no vigorous rubbing or elbow grease required.

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  • One step multi-action water stain and scale remover
  • Specially formulated to suit a wide range of car finishes
  • User friendly formula requires no vigorous rubbing, no need for elbow grease.
  • Micro beads are tough on water stains, gentle on paint

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Water spots or stains are marks that inevitably appear on surfaces where water had previously evaporated or flowed heavily after a downpour. If allowed to dry, even clean tap water will leave stains on the vehicle since they contain dissolved solids. These unsightly dirt and hard mineral deposits (scale) leave your car looking dull and can etch into painted surfaces if not removed, causing damage to your paintwork.

Sensha Scale Clean is a specialized professional cleaner that effectively removes water spots or stains without damaging the paintwork. Inferior products work poorly and encourage vigorous rubbing to remove these stains, which in turn causes more harm than good. On the other hand, Sensha Scale Clean combines surfactants, chelating agents, ionic components and even gentle micro beads in a one-step application, to easily remove even hard mineral deposits or scale without any vigorous rubbing, polishing or elbow grease.


Water spots can be a real nuisance in countries with plenty of rainfall, especially when your car is parked in the open and if the climate is hot, which makes water dry up quickly on your car. Sensha Scale Clean allows these water spots or stains to be removed without fuss, quickly restoring the gloss and shine on your vehicle.

Follow up with a coating of Sensha Fine Crystal for paintwork protection.

Note that while Sensha Scale Clean effectively removes deposits on the paintwork, it does not remove scratches or damage from water spot etching or corrosion. To remove these defects, you may need to claybar or polish the paintwork using a high quality claybar like Sensha Clean Clay and polishing compound like Sensha Scratch Cut (coming soon).

Sensha Scale Clean is made in Japan and is used by professional car detailers around the world!


  1. Rinse off loose dirt and debris from affected surfaces of the vehicle with water.
  2. Without drying, apply Sensha Scale Clean one panel at a time with a sponge applicator. Start by lightly distributing the cleaner on the paintwork before gently rubbing to remove water spots or stains.
  3. Rinse off with ample amounts of water before the surface dries. Protect your paintwork with Sensha Fine Crystal for best results. Wipe dry.

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SCALE CLEAN 150ml x1 one bottle

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