Sensha Scratch Cut


Professional polishing compound for paintwork restoration, available in various correction grades. Highly recommended for detailing professionals.




  • Removes scratches and oxidation to restore paintwork to a highly polished state
  • Suitable for machine polishing (rotary or dual-action) and for use by hand
  • Available in various correction grades from coarse to fine (0-7)
  • Contains no silicone or other gloss enhancing agents that may reduce polishing effectiveness
  • ​Contains no glazes or fillers that hides scratches, what you see are actual results!
  • Works on all glossy clear-coated automotive paintwork

Without protection, automotive paintwork will dull over time as a result of oxidation and the accumulation of contaminants and minor scratches or defects on its surface. Polishing is an essential step in restoring paintwork to its original glossy glory: by mechanically abrading minute amounts of contaminated and dull clear-coat on the surface of the paintwork to produce a smooth, glossy and scratch-free surface.

Sensha Scratch Cut is a professional polishing compound that allows you to achieve excellent paintwork correction results by hand or by machine. Engineered with micro abrasives but without silicone or other glazing agents, you’ll experience highly effective defect and scratch removal. Choose our coarser compounds No. 0 to 4 for heavier defect and scratch removal, or finer compounds No. 5 to 7 for less serious defects or for finishing.

Remember, machine polishing is an art and is recommended only for trained professionals. Improper handling of a machine polisher may cause irreversible damage to paintwork, regardless of what compound you use!


Contrary to the usual sales pitch, a deep show car shine does not come from some expensive wax. It comes from proper paintwork correction and polishing.

However not all compounds are created equal. Inferior compounds contain glazes or fillers that hide scratches, just to reveal them later! Not so with Sensha Scratch Cut, our professionally formulated polishing compound that does not contain any glazes or fillers, allowing you to achieve real and lasting results. 

Sensha Scratch Cut is made in Japan and is used by professional car detailers around the world!

Note: Sensha Scratch Cut can be used by hand or by machine polishing. Machine polishing should only be handled by trained professionals. We are not accountable for damage or injury due to improper machine polishing practices.


  1. Wash and dry exterior surfaces. Clay the surfaces if required.
  2. Apply Sensha Scratch Cut on applicator sponge or machine polishing pad.
  3. Polish paintwork surface one small section (approximately 30cm x 30cm) at a time, with even overlapping movements.
  4. Continue polishing until the product is dry. Add more product and repeat the polishing step until the product dries off again.
  5. Wipe off gently with a soft microfiber cloth, before moving on to polish the next section.
  6. Remember to protect that newfound shine with Sensha Fine Crystal or Sensha Crystal Glow!

Instruction video:

Scratch Cut 150ml x1 one bottle

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 21 × 5 × 5 cm



0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Finishing (no abrasives)


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