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Pre-coating wax, sealant, glaze, oil and grime remover – ensures a strong bond between your coatings and your car.

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  • Strips wax, sealants and glazes
  • Essential step before coating applications
  • Also useful to remove streaky products that you'd like to get off your car
  • Easy-to-use professional formula
  • Use after polishing to reveal remaining swirls or holograms

Professional glass coatings bond best with bare surfaces. Hence, prior to coating (Sensha Window Crystal and Sensha Crystal Glow), wax, sealants, glazes, oil and grime should be removed to ensure the best performance and durability of these products. It can also be used after polishing to ensure that no swirls and holograms are hidden by fillers that are present in some polishing compounds.

Sensha Wax Off is a professional yet easy-to-use product which prepares exterior car surfaces for its next protective coating. We always recommend using Sensha Wax Off prior to coating to be 100% sure that your car surface is totally free of other products.


Sensha Wax Off effectively removes previous products like wax, sealants and glazes (except hard glass coatings) from your vehicle to prime it for a proper coating job. Do note that since some of these products may fill scratches and swirl marks, removing them with Sensha Wax Off will reveal such defects and allow you to assess the actual condition of your paintwork.

Sensha Wax Off can also be used on glass or just about any hard non-porous surface​ to get rid of oil, grime and streaky products you would like to remove from your car.

Sensha Wax Off is made in Japan and is used by professional car detailers around the world!


  1. Wash and dry exterior surfaces.
  2. Spray Sensha Wax Off on to a clean microfiber cloth or directly to exterior surfaces.
  3. Wipe gently with microfiber cloth.

Instruction video:

WAX OFF 150ml x1 one bottle
(for use on up to 10 car exteriors)

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  1. munzwei (verified owner)

    Make sure to use this before you use Sensha Window Crystal. It ensures a better seal. 🙂

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