Sensha Wheel & Tire Clean

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Specialized non-acid cleaner for safe removal of tough dirt and grime off wheels and tires.

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  • Specially formulated to penetrate and remove dirt and grime off wheels and tires
  • Suitable for a large variety of wheel types
  • Easy-to-use non-acid formula, no scrubbing  required
  • Economical and suitable for regular use

Between the different parts of a car, wheels and tires are probably the most exposed to contaminants like dirt, soil, road grime and even brake dust. For this reason wheels and tires need a specialized cleaner with enhanced cleaning power to handle all that contamination that is thrown at them.

Sensha Wheel & Tire Clean brings you this cleaning power in a non-acid formula that is easy-to-use and does not damage your set of wheels. Used regularly, it keeps your wheels and tires in top form and even prevent heavy build up of brake dust, which may etch deep into your wheels if left unchecked.


Removing dirt and grime off wheels and tires usually require a stronger cleaner than body panels. However not all wheel cleaners are created equal, some can be ineffective while others may contain harmful acids which may damage your wheels.

Sensha Wheel & Tire Clean is an effective non-acid cleaner that does the job effectively yet safely.

Sensha Wheel & Tire Clean is made in Japan and used by professional detailers around the world!


  1. Rinse off dirt, mud and dust from tires and wheels. 
  2. While wet spray Sensha Wheel & Tire Clean directly on surfaces. 
  3. Use a sponge to lightly agitate and loosen dirt and grime. 
  4. Promptly rinse off with large amounts of water, then dry the wheel and tire. 

Note: Sensha Wheel & Tire Clean if not formulated to remove brake dust that is etched into wheels. Try Sensha Iron Cut to dissolve and remove brake dust.

Instruction video:

WHEEL & TIRE CLEAN 400ml x1 one bottle


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