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Professional water repellent coating for windscreen and glass – highly hydrophobic, impressive durability. Enhances visibility especially when driving in rainy conditions.

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  • Strongly hydrophobic, enhances visibility in rain
  • Durable and long-lasting, up to 6 months
  • Performance that blows the competition away
  • Applies easily, cures in minutes and remains streak free, wiper friendly
  • Sufficient for up to 10 windscreen coats!

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Sensha Window Crystal is a professional hydrophobic coating formula for glass, which strongly repels water from windscreens and windows, improving clarity and visibility when driving in rainy conditions. This wiper friendly new generation coating easily lasts up to six months (depending on environmental conditions) after application making it much more durable compared to conventional silicone based water repellent products that often degrade and leave behind oily and streaky residues on your windscreen.

Best of all it is very easy to apply and cures in minutes, unlike some products that require up to 12 hours of curing time, yet delivers professional and lasting results. 


Good visibility is essential for safe driving, especially in wet weather conditions. With Sensha Window Crystal, you'll see how water forms perfectly round beads and easily slides off your windscreen while you drive, enhancing wiper function and visibility. The coating is also durable and withstands wiper abrasion and washing - for months!

Performance after 3 months:

Sensha Window Crystal is made in Japan and is used by professional car detailers around the world!


  1. Wash and dry glass surfaces. For best results use Sensha Wax Off after drying glass surfaces to thoroughly remove oil or previously used products.
  2. Apply Sensha Window Crystal by placing a few drops on the applicator or directly on the glass and evenly spreading using the applicator (supplied) in overlapping horizontal and vertical motions.
  3. Allow for 10-15 minutes for Window Crystal to cure and bond with the glass. Thereafter, use regular tissues to wipe down the glass to remove excess product. If required, use wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth for a streak free finish. That’s it you’re done!

Instruction video:

WINDOW CRYSTAL 30ml x1 one bottle – 2017 PACKAGING
(for use on up to 10 windscreen coatings)

Please read product precautions and warnings at

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9 reviews for Sensha Window Crystal

  1. Vic

    Used it not only for the front windscreen but also for the rear screen, side windows and mirrors.

    Worked well to dispel water quickly and gave very good visibility especially during rainy spells especially for the areas (without wipers) other than the front windscreen.

  2. E. Chung (verified owner)

    After applying wax off and then window crystal, the effect of how clear the window gets is almost instant. Water droplets are no longer staining the window, and I get to enjoy a clear view. The coating provided great hydrophobic effect that rain water simply will just fall off the windscreen even without using wiper, it is THAT impressive.

  3. Ryan C. (verified owner)

    It’s indeed a good product at such pricing with less time consuming to apply with just 15 minutes and done. Effectiveness as good as other product in the market or even better as used before a few. Worthwhile to apply up to 3-4 cars.

  4. Ng C

    after applied for about 3 months , the effect still there

  5. Jonas S

    Great stuff, make sure to clean windscreen before applying. its really easy to apply the product. Because of the coating, i rarely use the wiper even on heavy rain.

  6. R. Lee

    Got one with a leaky bottle but I was sent a replacement almost immediately. Great support! And the product really performs!

  7. Sepul A

    power betol tersalah step kompem kena hantar polish

  8. WMYam

    five stars

  9. munzwei

    First time experiencing the rain drops FLYING UP UP AND AWAY from your front glass. Truly an amazing product and experience. And extremely easy to apply. I didn’t even have to use a wiper!

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