Removing Water Stains the EASY Way with Sensha Scale Clean

Water stains are a common problem especially for white and light colored cars and can caused by various kinds of water. Hard tap water is an obvious one, where hard mineral deposits or scale will form on your car if you allow tap water to evaporate off the vehicle, although even clean water can gather contaminants on your car and leave behind water stains. Acid rain is another serious cause, and can cause waterspot etching on your car's paintwork. See Figures 1 and 2.

In Malaysia we have another cause - plenty of rainfall, and sometimes these storms dump more than a thousand of liters of water over your car in just a couple of hours. As a consequence, although rain water is relatively clean, you will end up with water stains on your car due to the sheer volume of water and contaminants that has been flowing over the vehicle. On white cars these stains appear more obviously and make your car look miserable, as if it had been "crying" (look out for them below your door handles and below the edges of your windows).

Figure 1: Water on a Vehicle's Paintwork

Figure 2: Water Stains and Waterspot Etching as the Water Evaporates

Hydrophobic waxes and coatings can help protect against waterspot etching caused by acid rain, reduce water stains and how they adhere on your paintwork, although they cannot fully prevent them from forming due to rain. Water stains that form on these protective layers are much easier to remove since they do not adhere directly on the paintwork. Even so, these stains can be quite stubborn and car shampoos may not be able to effectively remove these stains. Remember, whatever you do, DO NOT RUB when you encounter stubborn water stains as you may scratch your paintwork.

The traditional way to remove stubborn water stains would be polishing, but unless you have waterspot etching, that's just way too much work for stains. Sensha Scale Clean has been formulated to tackle this problem with its user friendly, yet professional multi-action specialized formula that makes water stain removal a breeze, without vigorous rubbing or polishing. Equipped with surfactants, chelating agents and gentle micro beads, Sensha Scale Clean ensures water stains are removed effectively yet gently in a single step.

​Now let us show you just exactly what we mean - our example today is a car that had been subject to a heavy downpour that lasted for hours. The consequence is obvious, water stains were formed on all parts of the car, most noticeably on the bonnet and beneath the side windows/door handles (Figures 3 to 5). Make no mistake, these stains formed even before the water has dried off the car!

Figure 3: Water Stains below Windows and Side Mirrors

Figure 4: Water Stains on Bonnet

Figure 5: Close-up of Water Stains on Bonnet

Obviously the first step is to wash the car with a high quality and neutral car wash/shampoo like Sensha Body Clean. Whilst this can get rid of most of the stains, some stubborn water stains will remain or left unevenly removed. We washed (Figure 6) and rinsed (Figure 7) the car here after washing and inspected closely.

Figure 6: Washing the Vehicle

Figure 7: After Rinsing - But is it really clean?

Close inspection revealed some stubborn water stains on the bonnet (Figure 8) and the boot lid (Figure 9). These stains are not easily removed with car shampoo since they may be made up of scale deposits, which are resistant to detergent action. This is where Sensha Scale Clean steps in for effective removal of these water stains and scale deposits.

Figure 8: Close-up of Remaining Water Stains on Bonnet

Figure 9: Remaining Water Stains on Boot Lid

Leaving your paintwork wet, squeeze out a small amount of Sensha Scale Clean on to a foam applicator (Figure 10), then gently apply it to the affected paintwork in circular motions. There's no need for elbow grease here, even ladies can easily do this. Don't allow the product to dry - rinse off with ample amounts of water and you'll notice how quickly the stains are removed and for the Civic here, it restored the paintwork to its original perfect white (Figure 11).

Figure 10: Gently Apply a Small Amount of Sensha Scale Clean on to Wet Paintwork

Figure 11: Rinse and Voila Watermarks Fully Removed!

That's it, you're done. As a final step we recommend applying Sensha Fine Crystal (Figure 12), to instantly protect the paint with an invisible layer of hydrophobic coating and remember to wipe the car dry (Figure 13). There you have it, our secret to keeping your white car perfectly white, even when the weather is not entirely cooperative!

Figure 12: We Recommend Sensha Fine Crystal for Protection and Hydrophobicity

Figure 13: Sensha Scale Clean - the Secret to White Perfection!

Figure 14: After Sensha Scale Clean - Window Edge and Side Mirror

Figure 15: After Sensha Scale Clean - Clean from All Angles

Figure 16: Before Sensha Scale Clean

Figure 17: After Sensha Scale Clean

Note that while Sensha Scale Clean removes water stains and scale, it is not formulated to restore paints where water spot etching (due to acid rain or other chemicals) has occurred. For light water spot etching, where the damage has not gone past the clear coat, we recommend polishing with Sensha Scratch Cut.

Why Sensha Scale Clean?

​What sets Sensha Scale Clean apart from other cleaners? The answer: performance, ease of use and support.

Performance: ​Sensha Scale Clean is specially formulated to remove water stains and scale - it is gentle on your paintwork yet effectively targets stains with its multi-action formula to restore your vehicle's shine in one single step.

Ease of Use: ​Sensha Scale Clean is VERY easy to use. Removing water stains become an effortless job that you can do often to keep your car looking good and avoid the contaminants from damaging your paintwork.

​Support: Finally, our product comes with the support of the manufacturer, auto detailers and car enthusiasts with hands-on experience and vast technical knowledge, to help you bring the best out of every product.

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