Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning is the most basic step in maintaining how well a car looks. Regular and gentle cleaning with the versatile Sensha Body Clean keeps dust, dirt, grime and other contaminants off the vehicle and prevents them from bonding especially with the paintwork. On the other hand, Sensha Wheel & Tire Clean and Sensha Scale Clean provides more specialized cleaning power for wheels/tires and for waterspot removal respectively.

Interior Cleaning

Keep the interior of the car clean and comfortable with our easy-to-use products.


Neglected and damaged paintwork require correction to restore their previous glorious shine. Sensha Clean Clay removes bonded contaminants including rail and brake dust, while Sensha Scratch Cut, our top-notch professional polishing compound, removes scratches and oxidation effectively for a highly polished finish. Sensha Wax Off removes and reveals all, so you know that you have a perfectly corrected and bare surface for our Crystal Glow coatings.

Exterior Coating

Coating is the final step for protection of a vehicle from the elements it is exposed to daily. Our crown jewel: Sensha Crystal Glow provides serious glass coating professional protection for automotive paintwork, with performance and durability that are measured in years! For more casual users, Sensha Fine Crystal is an amazingly easy-to-use alternative. For glass surfaces, try Sensha Window Crystal for a super durable and hydrophobic coating that maintains visibility even during heavy rainfall.

Interior Coating

Restore and protect interior surfaces with our professional, durable and non-greasy coatings that won’t get onto your clothes or skin.


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